image of a compass pointing to the words dream jobWhat do you want to do after high school? It is a big question, and Careerworks Job Exploration Counseling is ready to help you answer it. By thinking about what you want to next while you are in 9th or 10th grade, you can make sure that your classes and experiences in high school set you up for success after graduation. You may even discover new interests and talents that you never knew you had. Get the motivation, information, and skills that you need to figure out your goals — and make them a reality — with Careerworks Job Exploration Counseling.

In Job Exploration Counseling, we start by working together to discover what kinds of jobs you might like. You will learn how to identify jobs might be a good fit for you by exploring a variety of areas, including

  • Job interests
  • Work preferences
  • Work personality
  • Work values
  • Learning style

Once you have some possible goals in mind, we explore the steps that you can take to achieve them. What do you need to study or experience to be ready for your dream jobs? You will be surprised by how much you can do right now to increase the range of job opportunities available to you in the future. You will come out of Job Exploration Counseling with a written action plan, which will include

  • Suggestions for job or career goals
  • Programs and classes offered by your school that will support your goals
  • Work-based learning experiences outside of school that match your interests
  • New skills that you want to develop
  • Possibilities for education and/or training after high school

Job Exploration Counseling Brochure

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Job Exploration Counseling is a service identified in the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act of 2014 which affords Pre-Employment Transition Services to all students with disabilities (age 14 to 21).  Careerworks, Inc.’s  Job Exploration Counseling program is based on a model that was developed by Careerworks, Inc. for Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  It was successfully implemented in 2008/2009 under grant funding through the Maryland State Department of Education.